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Etymology 1[edit]

Inherited from Sauraseni Prakrit -𑀇𑀅 (-ia), from Sanskrit -इक (-ika, diminutive suffix) or Sanskrit -ईय (-īya, adjectival suffix).


-ई () (Urdu spelling ـی‎)

  1. relating to, forms adjectives from nouns
    पहाड़ (pahāṛ, mountain) + ‎-ई () → ‎पहाड़ी (pahāṛī, mountainous).

Etymology 2[edit]

Borrowed from the nominative singular form of Sanskrit -इन् (-in, doer, possessor).


-ई (m (Urdu spelling ـی‎)

  1. doer, possessor
    सुख (sukh, happiness) + ‎-ई () → ‎सुखी (sukhī, happy, possessing happiness)
    यात्रा (yātrā, travel) + ‎-ई () → ‎यात्री (yātrī, traveller)

Etymology 3[edit]

Borrowed from Persian ـی(-i), from Middle Persian -yk' / 𐭩𐭪𐭩(yky /-īg/) or Arabic ـِيّ(-iyy) or directly from Arabic ـِيّ(-iyy, nisba suffix).


-ई (f (Urdu spelling ـی‎)

  1. forms abstract nouns from adjectives or common nouns
    दोस्त (dost, friend) + ‎-ई () → ‎दोस्ती (dostī, friendship)
    बेवक़ूफ़ (bevqūf, foolish) + ‎-ई () → ‎बेवक़ूफ़ी (bevqūfī, foolishness)
Derived terms[edit]