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Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Indo-Iranian *gaHtHa-. Cognate with Avestan 𐬔𐬁𐬚𐬁 (gāʮā, form of strophe, metre, name the collections of Zarathustra's songs). Same PII root *gaH- gave Sanskrit root √gāi (√gāi, to sing).


गाथा (gāthā́f

  1. verse, stanza (especially one which is neither ऋच् (ṛc), nor सामन् (sāman), nor यजुस् (yajus), a verse not belonging to the Vedas, but to the epic poetry of legends or आख्यान (ākhyāna)s, such as the Śunaḥśepa-ākhyāna or the Suparṇādhyāya)
  2. the metrical part of a sūtra
  3. name of the āryā metre
  4. any metre not enumerated in the regular treatises on prosody (compare ऋग्गाथा (ṛg-gāthā), रिजुगाथ (riju-gātha), यज्ञगाथा (yajña-gāthā))


Related terms[edit]


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