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Alternative forms[edit]


गाथा f

  1. Devanagari script form of gāthā



Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Indo-Iranian *gaHtHa-. Cognate with Avestan 𐬔𐬁𐬚𐬁 (gāθā, form of strophe, metre, namely the collections of Zarathustra's songs). Same PII root *gaH- gave Sanskrit root √gāi (to sing).


गाथा (gāthā́f

  1. verse, stanza (especially one which is neither ऋच् (ṛc), nor सामन् (sāman), nor यजुस् (yajus), a verse not belonging to the Vedas, but to the epic poetry of legends or आख्यान (ākhyāna)s, such as the Śunaḥśepa-ākhyāna or the Suparṇādhyāya)
  2. the metrical part of a sūtra
  3. name of the āryā metre
  4. any metre not enumerated in the regular treatises on prosody (compare ऋग्गाथा (ṛg-gāthā), रिजुगाथ (riju-gātha), यज्ञगाथा (yajña-gāthā))


Feminine ā-stem declension of गाथा
Nom. sg. गाथा (gāthā)
Gen. sg. गाथायाः (gāthāyāḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative गाथा (gāthā) गाथे (gāthe) गाथाः (gāthāḥ)
Vocative गाथे (gāthe) गाथे (gāthe) गाथाः (gāthāḥ)
Accusative गाथाम् (gāthām) गाथे (gāthe) गाथाः (gāthāḥ)
Instrumental गाथया (gāthayā) गाथाभ्याम् (gāthābhyām) गाथाभिः (gāthābhiḥ)
Dative गाथायै (gāthāyai) गाथाभ्याम् (gāthābhyām) गाथाभ्यः (gāthābhyaḥ)
Ablative गाथायाः (gāthāyāḥ) गाथाभ्याम् (gāthābhyām) गाथाभ्यः (gāthābhyaḥ)
Genitive गाथायाः (gāthāyāḥ) गाथयोः (gāthayoḥ) गाथानाम् (gāthānām)
Locative गाथायाम् (gāthāyām) गाथयोः (gāthayoḥ) गाथासु (gāthāsu)

Related terms[edit]


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