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ग्रन्थ (grantham

  1. tying, binding, stringing together
  2. = ग्रन्थि(granthí), a knot
  3. honeycomb
  4. an artificial arrangement of words, (especially of 32 syllables = श्लोक(śloka)), verse, composition, treatise, literary production, book in prose or verse, text (opposed to अर्थ(artha, meaning)).
  5. verse
  6. composition, treatise, literary production, book in prose or verse, text
  7. a section
  8. Guru Granth Sahib, the book or sacred scriptures of the Sikhs containing short moral poems by Nanak Shah and others
  9. wealth, property


Masculine a-stem declension of ग्रन्थ
Nom. sg. ग्रन्थः(granthaḥ)
Gen. sg. ग्रन्थस्य(granthasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative ग्रन्थः(granthaḥ) ग्रन्थौ(granthau) ग्रन्थाः(granthāḥ)
Vocative ग्रन्थ(grantha) ग्रन्थौ(granthau) ग्रन्थाः(granthāḥ)
Accusative ग्रन्थम्(grantham) ग्रन्थौ(granthau) ग्रन्थान्(granthān)
Instrumental ग्रन्थेन(granthena) ग्रन्थाभ्याम्(granthābhyām) ग्रन्थैः(granthaiḥ)
Dative ग्रन्थाय(granthāya) ग्रन्थाभ्याम्(granthābhyām) ग्रन्थेभ्यः(granthebhyaḥ)
Ablative ग्रन्थात्(granthāt) ग्रन्थाभ्याम्(granthābhyām) ग्रन्थेभ्यः(granthebhyaḥ)
Genitive ग्रन्थस्य(granthasya) ग्रन्थयोः(granthayoḥ) ग्रन्थानाम्(granthānām)
Locative ग्रन्थे(granthe) ग्रन्थयोः(granthayoḥ) ग्रन्थेषु(grantheṣu)


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