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From Proto-Indo-Aryan *ćárati, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *čárati, from Proto-Indo-European *kʷél-e-ti, from *kʷel- (to move; to turn (around)). Cognate with Ancient Greek πέλω (pélō), Latin colō, Avestan 𐬗𐬀𐬭𐬁𐬥𐬍(carānī, I move, approach).



चरति (cárati) (class 1 present, root चर्)

  1. to move oneself, go, walk, move, stir, roam about, wander (said of men, animals, water, ships, stars, etc.)
  2. to spread, be diffused (as fire)
  3. to move or travel through, pervade, go along, follow
  4. to behave, conduct oneself, act, live, treat (with instrumental or locative)
  5. to be engaged in, occupied or busy with
  6. to have intercourse with, have to do with (+instrumental)
  7. to continue performing or being
  8. (astronomy) to be in any asterism or conjunction
  9. to undertake, set about, under go, observe, practise, do or act in general, effect, make
  10. to consume, eat (with accusative), graze
  11. to make or render (with double accusative)
  12. (causative) to cause to move or walk about
  13. (causative) to pasture
  14. (causative) to send, direct, turn, move
  15. (causative) to cause any one (in accusative) to walk through (+accusative)
  16. (causative) to drive away from (+ ablative)
  17. (causative) to cause any one (in accusative) to practise or perform (with accusative)
  18. (causative) to cause (any animal, +accusative) to eat
  19. (causative) to cause to copulate
  20. (causative) to ascertain (as through a spy instr.)
  21. (causative) to doubt
  22. (desiderative) to try to go
  23. (desiderative) to wish to act or conduct oneself
  24. (desiderative) to try to have intercourse with
  25. (intensive) to move quickly or repeatedly, walk about, roam about (in locative)
  26. (intensive) to act wantonly or coquettishly