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From Proto-Indo-Iranian *bʰarĵʰíš, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰolǵʰis (to swell); see there for more.


बर्हिस् (barhísn

  1. (rarely m) "that which is plucked up", sacrificial grass, a bed or layer of कुश​ (kuśa) grass (usually strewed over the sacrificial ground and especially over the वेदि (vedi), to serve as a sacred surface on which to present the oblations, and as a seat for the gods and for the sacrificers) (RV. etc.)
  2. Sacrificial Grass personified (and enumerated among the प्रयाज​ (prayāja) and अनुयाज​ (anuyāja) deities) (RV.)
  3. sacrifice (RV., BhP.)
  4. ether (L.)
  5. water (L.)
  6. a kind of perfume (L.)


बर्हिस् (barhísm

  1. fire, light, splendou (L.)
  2. Plumbago zeylanica (L.)
  3. name of a man (MaitrUp.)
  4. name of a son of Bṛhad-rāja (BhP.)
  5. (in plural) the descendants of Barhis (Saṃskārak.)


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