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मन्दर ‎(mandara)

  1. slow, tardy, sluggish (= मन्द ‎(manda))
  2. large, thick, firm (= बहल ‎(bahala))



मन्दर ‎(mandaram

  1. a pearl chain consisting of 8 or 16 strings
  2. name of a sacred mountain (the residence of various deities; it served the gods and Asuras for a churning-stick at the churning of the ocean for the recovery of the Amrita and thirteen other precious things lost during the deluge)
  3. heaven (= स्वर्ग ‎(svarga); confer मेरु ‎(meru))
  4. mirror
  5. a kind of metre
  6. name of a Brahmin
  7. name of a son of हिरण्यकशिपु ‎(Hiraṇya-kaśipu)
  8. name of a विद्याधर ‎(Vidyā-dhara)
  9. name of a tree of paradise or one of the 5 trees in Indra's heaven (= मन्दार ‎(mandāra)); the coral tree