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विष्कम्भ ‎(viṣkambham

  1. support prop (Lāṭy., Suśr.)
  2. supporting beam of a building (W.)
  3. door bolt
  4. width (MBh., VarBṛS., MārkP.)
  5. diameter of a circle (Āryabh.)
  6. mountain range (MārkP.)
  7. obstacle (L.)
  8. first of twenty-seven lunar mansions, the leading star of that lunar mansion (Col.)
  9. (drama) expository monologue or dialogue performed in between acts (Bhar., Daśar., etc.)
  10. a certain Yoga posture (L.)
  11. tree (L.)
  12. action (W.)
  13. reflection (L.)
  14. a certain divine being (Hariv.)



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