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विष्कम्भ (viṣkambham

  1. support prop (Lāṭy., Suśr.)
  2. supporting beam of a building (W.)
  3. door bolt
  4. width (MBh., VarBṛS., MārkP.)
  5. diameter of a circle (Āryabh.)
  6. mountain range (MārkP.)
  7. obstacle (L.)
  8. first of twenty-seven lunar mansions, the leading star of that lunar mansion (Col.)
  9. (drama) expository monologue or dialogue performed in between acts (Bhar., Daśar., etc.)
  10. a certain Yoga posture (L.)
  11. tree (L.)
  12. action (W.)
  13. reflection (L.)
  14. a certain divine being (Hariv.)


Masculine a-stem declension of विष्कम्भ
Nom. sg. विष्कम्भः (viṣkambhaḥ)
Gen. sg. विष्कम्भस्य (viṣkambhasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative विष्कम्भः (viṣkambhaḥ) विष्कम्भौ (viṣkambhau) विष्कम्भाः (viṣkambhāḥ)
Vocative विष्कम्भ (viṣkambha) विष्कम्भौ (viṣkambhau) विष्कम्भाः (viṣkambhāḥ)
Accusative विष्कम्भम् (viṣkambham) विष्कम्भौ (viṣkambhau) विष्कम्भान् (viṣkambhān)
Instrumental विष्कम्भेन (viṣkambhena) विष्कम्भाभ्याम् (viṣkambhābhyām) विष्कम्भैः (viṣkambhaiḥ)
Dative विष्कम्भाय (viṣkambhāya) विष्कम्भाभ्याम् (viṣkambhābhyām) विष्कम्भेभ्यः (viṣkambhebhyaḥ)
Ablative विष्कम्भात् (viṣkambhāt) विष्कम्भाभ्याम् (viṣkambhābhyām) विष्कम्भेभ्यः (viṣkambhebhyaḥ)
Genitive विष्कम्भस्य (viṣkambhasya) विष्कम्भयोः (viṣkambhayoḥ) विष्कम्भानाम् (viṣkambhānām)
Locative विष्कम्भे (viṣkambhe) विष्कम्भयोः (viṣkambhayoḥ) विष्कम्भेषु (viṣkambheṣu)


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