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श्यामा (śyāmāf

  1. night, particularly a dark night
  2. shade, shadow
  3. dark woman
  4. a woman who has borne no children
  5. cow
  6. turmeric
  7. the female cuckoo
  8. the Priyaṅgu creeper
  9. name of several plants, particularly the indigo plant
  10. seed of the lotus
  11. epithet of Mata Durga


Feminine ā-stem declension of श्यामा
Nom. sg. श्यामा (śyāmā)
Gen. sg. श्यामायाः (śyāmāyāḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative श्यामा (śyāmā) श्यामे (śyāme) श्यामाः (śyāmāḥ)
Vocative श्यामे (śyāme) श्यामे (śyāme) श्यामाः (śyāmāḥ)
Accusative श्यामाम् (śyāmām) श्यामे (śyāme) श्यामाः (śyāmāḥ)
Instrumental श्यामया (śyāmayā) श्यामाभ्याम् (śyāmābhyām) श्यामाभिः (śyāmābhiḥ)
Dative श्यामायै (śyāmāyai) श्यामाभ्याम् (śyāmābhyām) श्यामाभ्यः (śyāmābhyaḥ)
Ablative श्यामायाः (śyāmāyāḥ) श्यामाभ्याम् (śyāmābhyām) श्यामाभ्यः (śyāmābhyaḥ)
Genitive श्यामायाः (śyāmāyāḥ) श्यामयोः (śyāmayoḥ) श्यामानाम् (śyāmānām)
Locative श्यामायाम् (śyāmāyām) श्यामयोः (śyāmayoḥ) श्यामासु (śyāmāsu)


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