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Etymology 1[edit]

From Persian صورت(surat), from Arabic صُورَة‎(ṣūra).


सूरत (sūratf (Urdu spelling صورت‎)

  1. face, countenance
    Synonyms: शक्ल (śakla), चेहरा (cehrā)
  2. form, look, appearance
    Synonym: रूप (rūp)
  3. chance, likelihood
Declension of सूरत
Singular Plural
Direct सूरत (sūrat) सूरतें (sūrtẽ)
Oblique सूरत (sūrat) सूरतों (sūrtõ)
Vocative सूरत (sūrat) सूरतो (sūrto)

Etymology 2[edit]

Borrowed from Gujarati સુરત (surat).

Proper noun[edit]

सूरत (sūrat? (Urdu spelling سورت‎)

  1. Surat (a city in Surat, Gujarat, India)