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U+2032, ′

General Punctuation

(This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium. Particularly: “how did the symbol get its name?”)


Alternative forms[edit]

  • (transliterated Cyrillic):
  • (alternative form):


  1. Feet
  2. Minutes (as a fraction of a degree of arc)
  3. Minutes (as a unit of time)
  4. (calculus) Derivative of
    f′(x)= df(x)/dx
  5. (set theory) Complement of a set
  6. (in transliterated Cyrillic text) Transliteration of the soft sign (ь), indicating palatalization of preceding consonants.
  7. (linear algebra, of a matrix) Transpose
    A = AT
  8. (geometry) Used to distinguish two or more points, lines, etc. with the same name
    t, t′, t″, t‴, t⁗, …
    A, A′, A″, A‴, A⁗, …
  9. (grammar) Alternative form of ¯
  10. (phonetics) palatalization symbol in Slavic Phonetic Alphabet

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