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Female homosexuality symbol.svg
U+26A2, ⚢

Miscellaneous Symbols



Two interlocked Venus, female symbols ().


  1. Female homosexuality.
    • 2003, Ken Cage, Moyra Evans, Gayle: The Language of Kinks and Queens : a History and Dictionary of Gay Language in South Africa (in English), Jacana Media, →ISBN, page 48:
      Gender symbols are common astrological signs which have come to us from Roman times. The pointed Mars symbol (♂) represents the male and the Venus symbol (♀) with the cross represents the female. Gay men have used double interlocking male symbols (⚣) since the 1970s. Double interlocking female symbols () have often been used to denote lesbianism, but some feminists have instead used the double female symbols to represent the “sisterhood of women”.