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Transliteration of Ancient Greek αΌ€Ξ²Ξ²Ξ± (abba), from Aramaic אבא(aba).


𐌰𐌱𐌱𐌰 β€’ (abbam

  1. father
    • Gothic Bible, Galatians 4.6:
      𐌰𐌸𐌸𐌰𐌽 πŒΈπŒ°π„πŒ΄πŒΉ πƒπŒΉπŒΎπŒΏπŒΈ πŒΎπŒΏπƒ πƒπŒΏπŒ½πŒΎπŒΏπƒ πŒ²πŒΏπŒ³πŒΉπƒ, πŒΉπŒ½πƒπŒ°πŒ½πŒ³πŒΉπŒ³πŒ° 𐌲𐌿𐌸 𐌰𐌷𐌼𐌰𐌽 πƒπŒΏπŒ½πŒ°πŒΏπƒ πƒπŒ΄πŒΉπŒ½πŒΉπƒ 𐌹𐌽 πŒ·πŒ°πŒΉπ‚π„π‰πŒ½πŒ° πŒΉπŒΆπ…πŒ°π‚πŒ° πŒ·π‚π‰π€πŒΎπŒ°πŒ½πŒ³πŒ°πŒ½: 𐌰𐌱𐌱𐌰, π†πŒ°πŒ³πŒ°π‚!
      aþþan þatei sijuþ jus sunjus gudis, insandida guþ ahman sunaus seinis in hairtōna izwara hrōpjandan: abba, fadar!
      And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. (KJV)


Indeclinable; the word seems to not have been in use in Gothic, and is only found as a transliteration: see the quotation above, and compare its translation in the King James Version.


Further reading[edit]

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