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Alternative forms[edit]


Based on reanalysis of the verbs внима́ть (vnimátʹ) and снима́ть (snimátʹ) as composed of в- (v-) and с- (s-) plus a suffix -нима́ть. Originally -има́ть (-imátʹ) (cf. обыма́ть (obymátʹ), приима́ть (priimátʹ)), from Proto-Slavic *jьmati (to take). See also -нять (-njatʹ).


Combining form[edit]

-нима́ть (-nimátʹimpf (perfective -ня́ть)

  1. Combining form used to form imperfective counterparts of prefixed derivatives of -нять (-njatʹ, to take).

Derived terms[edit]