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From Old Irish -ach, from Proto-Celtic *-ākos, from Proto-Indo-European *-eh₂kos, *-eh₂ḱos, from a-stem suffix *-eh₂- + adjectival suffix *-kos, *-ḱos; compare Welsh -og. Doublet of -ag.

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(Even if -agh were the masculine form and the feminine were something else, the gender is misleading. For comparision: -us gives the gender, but also the forms for other genders; -ский gives no gender in the head, but everthing in the declension section.)"
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-agh m

  1. Forms nouns/adjectives from other nouns and adjectives with the sense of ‘person or thing connected or involved with, belonging to, having’
    • Mannin (Isle of Man) + ‎-agh → ‎Manninagh (Manxman/woman)
    • Sostyn (England) + ‎-agh → ‎Sostynagh (Englishman/woman)

Derived terms[edit]