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  1. Suffix of verb "to be" in future tense for subject "I".

Usage notes[edit]

  • It is used when the word's last vowel is "e", "ö", "i" or "ü".
  • Some verbs which has "t" as the last consonant are changed.
    Giteceğim is false, it must be gideceğim (I will go)
    Eteceğim is false, it must be edeceğim (I will do)
  • If the verb ends in a vowel, "-y" must be added:
  • According to the verb's last vowel, it may change to -acağım.
  • Colloquially, it may be said as -cem, -icem, -ücem, -ecem, -yecem, -iycem
    geleceğim → gelicem, gelcem (colloquial)
    göreceğim → görücem, görcem (colloquial)
    geleceğim → gelecem (colloquial, sounds rude)
    bekleyeceğim → bekleyecem (colloquial, pejorative)
    bekleyeceğim → bekliycem (colloquial)