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  1. Future tense suffix. Equivalent to will.
    ver(-mek) - verecek
    (to) give - he/she/it will give
  2. Forms nouns or adjectives from verbs.
    gel(-mek) - gelecek
    to come - the future
    as in "gelecek günler" - "days that will come" used as an adjective.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Personal suffixes are added after "-ecek".
    ver + -ecek + -im = vereceğim (I will give)
    ver + -ecek + -sin = vereceksin (you will give)
    ver + -ecek = verecek (he/she/it will give)
    ver + -ecek + -iz = vereceğiz (we will give)
    ver + -ecek + -siniz = vereceksiniz (you will give)
    ver + -ecek + -ler = verecekler (they will give)
  • If the verb ends in a vowel, it takes the linking consonant "-y"
    söyle - söyleyecek
    dinle - dinleyecek
  • If the verb's last vowel is "a", "ı", "o" or "u", -acak is used.
    yaz - yazacak
  • This suffix is not often used in spoken language. Instead of -acak, -ecek; people often use in informal speech -cak, -ıcak, -icek, -ucak, -ücek.