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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Latin -tiōnem, accusative form of -tiō, as a learned form. The original inherited form of the suffix, -zone, -zzone or in some cases -gione, is today less common but found in words such as ragione, stagione, cagione, canzone, punzone, acquazzone, tizzone, etc.


  • IPA(key): */ˈt͡sjo.ne/
  • Hyphenation: -zió‧ne



  1. Used to form nouns relating to the action of specified verbs; -ation; -tion
    punire (to punish) + ‎-zione → ‎punizione (punishment)
    creare (to create) + ‎-zione → ‎creazione (creation)
    fingere (to pretend, feign) + ‎-zione → ‎finzione (pretext)

Derived terms[edit]