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  1. (technology, Internet) The first version of something.

Related terms[edit]



1.0 (not comparable)

  1. An initial version of something or, figuratively, of someone.
    • 2007 November 9, “Clarence Thomas, Porn Addict?”, in New York[1], ISSN 0028-7369:
      And did Bush 1.0 really rush the swearing in of Clarence Thomas because the Washington Post was about to publish a story about his extensive porn habit?
    • 2008 March 14, Razeghi, Andrew, “America 2.0: The creative imperative”, in San Francisco Chronicle[2], ISSN 1932-8672:
      Consider the success of America 1.0 and one of its master architects Benjamin Franklin Franklin's resume reads like a Denny's restaurant menu
    • 2009 January 21, Robinson, Ed; Alpert, Lukas I., “Traffic Tangles Up Web”, in New York Post[3], ISSN 1090-3321:
      Minutes before President Obama was sworn in, the official government Web site was switched from Bush version 2.0 to a snazzy Obama 1.0

Usage notes[edit]

  • Usually used as an attributive modifier after the noun modified.

Derived terms[edit]