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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]

Size illustration of paper sizes, including A4.


From A4 +‎ format, first part is the first letter of the Norwegian alphabet with a number. Last part most likely from Italian formato (size, dimension (on paper)), of formare (to form, create), from Latin formāre, present active infinitive of formō (I shape, form), from fōrma (form) with an unknown descent, perhaps from some Etruscan *morma, connected by some with Ancient Greek μορφή (morphḗ).


  • IPA(key): /ˈɑːfiːrəfɔɾmɑːt/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɑːt
  • Hyphenation: A‧4‧for‧mat


A4-format n (definite singular A4-formatet, indefinite plural A4-format or A4-formater, definite plural A4-formata or A4-formatene)

  1. a piece of paper in the standard A4 format
    • 1998, Espen Haavardsholm, Italienerinnen, page 14:
      han river ut to pappstykker i A4-format bakerst i to notatblokker
      he tears out two pieces of cardboard in A4 format at the back of two notebooks
    jeg skal lage en plakat i A4-format
    I will make a poster in A4 format
    Synonyms: A4, A4-ark, A4-papir
  2. (colloquial) unimaginative, uniform standard
    • 1979 July 17, Dagbladet, page 11:
      foreldregenerasjonen … forelå i A4-format med forknappet småblomstret husmorkjole, små sinte permanentkrøller, nylonskjorte og tøfler
      the parent generation… was available in A4 format with a buttoned small-flowered housewife dress, small angry permanent curls, nylon shirt and slippers

Related terms[edit]