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A cup (plural A cups)

  1. A standard, relatively small, bra cup size, consisting of a measurement around the bust that is one inch longer than a measurement around the band, plus five inches.
    • 1999, Elizabeth M. Hoekstra, M. Beth Cutaiar, Just for Girls [1]
      The smallest cup size is AAA. The largest is a DD/E. An A cup is fairly small, just a little swell of breast tissue.
  2. (by synecdoche) A woman with small breasts(of this cup size).
    • 2003, Michelle Copeland Change Your Looks, Change Your Life ISBN 0060518979
      "Gabrielle had always been an A cup, but her pregnancy had left her breasts flat as pancakes, and she wanted to go to a C cup and eliminate some of the sag."
    • 2004, Z Paul Lorenc, Trish Hall, A Little Work [2]
      Directly after Julia is Patricia, who, oddly enough, is another young blond mother from the suburbs. She, too, is an A cup wanting breast implants.