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The given names are diminutives +‎ -ie.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A diminutive of the male given names Adam, Adrian, or Aidan, from Hebrew, Latin, or Irish
    • 1874 Bertha de Jongh, The Sisters Lawless, by the author of Rosa Noel, page 245:
      "My only worth will be in always remembering to do the thing that pleases you; and yet, although I don't really like Adie, it has a more home-like, more whisperable sound than Adrian. Adrian is a grand, heroic sort of a name, yet what a beautiful name it is.
  2. A diminutive of the female given names Adele, Adriana, or Adrienne, from the Germanic languages, Latin, or French
    • 2010 Mary Carnaghan, Adie, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 33:
      "I'd like if you call me Adie. It is short for Adele."
  3. A surname, from given names derived from Adam.
    The journalist Kate Adie was born in 1945.