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Ajar (plural Ajars)

  1. A member of an ethnographic group of Georgians.
    • 1995, Timothy J. Colton, Robert C. Tucker, Patterns in Post-Soviet Leadership,
      The Ajars are Muslim Georgians and have their own autonomous republic within Georgia, but Georgians insist that there are no important distinctions between Ajars and Georgians and in 1979 did not include a separate census category for ...
    • 1998, James Minahan, Miniature Empires: A Historical Dictionary of the Newly Independent States:
      During World War II Stalin drew up a plan for the deportation of the Muslim Ajars, but the plan was postponed and finally abandoned at his death in 1953.
    • 2004, Tadeusz Swietochowski, Russian Azerbaijan, 1905-1920: The Shaping of a National Identity in a Muslim Community:
      Of these, the Georgian Ajars were the most eager to rise up against Russia, but the Ottomans also hoped for revolts in Daghestan and Azerbaijan upon entry of their troops.