American Keuda

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Initialism, from a 1980s study in the US southwest entitled Kitten Evaluation Under Direct Assessment,[1] which sought to establish the characteristics of the ideal barn cat.


American Keuda (plural American Keudas)

  1. A domestic cat of a provisional breed originating in the United States.
    • 2006, Bruce Fogle, Cats[1], page 116:
      The only other breed said to have this flap is the American Keuda.
    • 2008, Vicky Halls, The Complete Cat[2], page 122:
      And if you aren't bored already here are some more: American Keuda, American Ringtail, [] .
    • 2012, Nancy Robbins, Domestic Cats: Their History, Breeds and Other Facts[3], page 127:
      This is not the first breed to be developed from street cats; as the American Shorthair, European Shorthair, and American Keuda all show.


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