Appendix:Australian English sexual terms

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  • bat or bat off – to masturbate (uncommon)
  • blue – pornographic ("a blue movie")
  • bugger
    • the process of wrecking or wearing something out, or making a general mess of things ("You'll bugger it up"),
    • a general purpose epithet that can range from endearment to awed surprise to outright hostility ("He's a dear old bugger" vs "well bugger me" vs "You little bugger!")
    • describing something as hard to do ("It'd be a bugger to fold up a full scale road map").
    • commonly used as a word of exclamation, as in "bugger!" Originally a very offensive word that is no longer considered as offensive.
    • to sodomise: originally considered very offensive due to this meaning
  • buggered – broken (for example it's buggered, mate or Steve buggered it); or exhausted, tired out (for example I'm buggered). Also "I'll be buggered!", an expression of surprise, or an intention to disallow something ("I'll be buggered if I'll let that stop me").
  • buggerise – see "piss-fart around"
  • crack a fat - get an erection
  • crack onto (someone) - to hit on someone, pursue someone romantically
  • frangercondom. Not generally used in Melbourne, where Franger or Franga is more likely to be a diminutive of Frankston.
  • flog – to masturbate: "flog himself off", "I've just had a flog"
  • gobby – to receive fellatio. As in 'This hot chick gave me a great gobby last night'.
  • in the nuddy - naked
  • have a naughty - have sex
  • on the pull - generally a male dressed up and trying to pick up a sexual partner.
  • pash – to French kiss, a long passionate kiss; hence "pashing on"
  • perv – as a verb, "to have a look", as in "I'm going round to have a perv at my mate's new car". Often, and possibly its original use was with the slight sexual connotation of looking lustfully at the opposite sex as in, "Let's have a perv at those sheilas over there". As a noun, referring to a person, it is used with a stronger and often disapproving connotation ranging in meaning from "dirty old man" to someone who likes to leer at the opposite sex. From this is derived uncle merv refers to going out to specifically check out the opposite sex.
  • polly waffle – brothel
  • root – synonym for fuck in nearly all its senses; (v) to have sex, (n) the sexual act, as in "I'm dyin' for a root." This can inadvertently cause embarrassment for Americans visiting Australia, if they declare that they "root" for a particular sports team.
  • rooted – broken or tired; see buggered.
  • slapa – a female sex worker/prostitute.
  • sprog – Semen. Also old Australian term for an infant, as in, "The misses just gave birth to a little sprog", or "The buggar's got 3 young sprogs at home".
  • wank – to masturbate (used for males only)

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