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SMS abbreviations are the recognised abbreviations of SMS language, textspeak. The jargon often contains phonetic symbols substituted for whole sounds (e.g., u for you or 8 for ate), and elide vowels from the represented word, unless the vowels function as initials. Marks of punctuation are omitted entirely, though "/' is used to signify there are two parts to the word (e.g., w/o means without).

Note: some abbreviations listed here are not SMS- or internet-originated, having been used in other forms of communication before SMS and the internet were invented. Some abbreviations are also found in l33t.

Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


  • 143 - I love you, apparently from the old pager abbreviation, from the number of letters in each word
  • 2nite - Tonight
  • 404 - I don't know (adopted from the HTTP status code "404 Not Found")
  • 4u - for you
  • 637 - always and forever, often follows 143 and has the same origin


  • a/s/l - age/sex/location
  • a3 - anytime, anywhere, anyplace
  • aap - always a pleasure
  • aar - at any rate
  • aas - alive and smiling
  • abtr - any bumming to report
  • add - address
  • adn - any day now
  • aeap - as early as possible
  • ag - all good
  • afaik - as far as I know
  • afk - away from keyboard
  • aisb - as it should be
  • aka - also known as
  • aml - all my love
  • aota - all of the above
  • asap - as soon as possible
  • asl - age/sex/location
  • at - at your terminal
  • atm - at the moment
  • awol - absent without leave
  • ayec - at your earliest convenience
  • ayor - at your own risk


  • b4 - before
  • b4n - bye for now
  • bak - back at keyboard
  • bau - business as usual
  • bbiaf - be back in a few
  • bbiam - be back in a minute
  • bbl - be back later
  • bbs - be back soon
  • bby - baby
  • bc - because
  • bcnu - be seeing you
  • bcoz - because
  • bf or b/f - boyfriend or best friend
  • bff - best friends forever
  • bfh - bitch from hell
  • bfn - bye for now
  • bg - big grin
  • blnt - better luck next time
  • bm&y - between me and you
  • bol - best of luck
  • brb - be right back
  • brt - be right there
  • bta - but then again
  • btdt - been there, done that
  • btw - by the way


  • cam - web camera
  • cas - cracking a smile
  • cba - can't be asked, or arsed
  • cmiiw - correct me if I'm wrong
  • cmon - come on
  • cnt - can't
  • cob - close of business
  • cos - because
  • coz - because
  • cr8 - create
  • crb - come right back
  • crbt - crying really big tears
  • cth - cleaning the house
  • cu or cya - see you (later)
  • cua - see you around
  • cul - see you later
  • cul8r - see you later
  • cuz - cousin
  • cwyl - chat with you later
  • cyo - see you online
  • cys - see you soon
  • cz - because


  • da - the
  • degt - don't even go there
  • diku - do I know you?
  • dl or d/l - download
  • dno - don't know
  • dnt - don't
  • dqmot- don't quote me on this
  • dtf - "down to fuck"
  • dts - don't think so
  • dv8 - deviate
  • dw - don't worry


  • ebkac for error between keyboard and chair
  • ec or ez for easy
  • eg for example or evil grin
  • ema for e-mail address
  • emfbi for excuse me for butting in
  • eoc for end of chat
  • eod for end of day
  • eom for end of message
  • ezy, ez or e-z for easy


  • f2f for face to face
  • f2t for free to talk
  • fbm for fine by me
  • fc for fingers crossed
  • fd's for fair dos
  • ffs for for fuck's sake
  • ficcl for frankly I couldn't care less
  • fitb for fill in the blank
  • fnx for thanks
  • fomcl for falling off my chair laughing
  • frt for for real though
  • ftw for for the win
  • ftc for for the cake
  • fwiw for for what it's worth
  • fya for for your action
  • fyeo for for your eyes only
  • fyi for for your information
  • f8 for fight
  • f9 for fine
  • fotb for fluff on the bag
  • fm for fuck me
  • fo for fuck off
  • fom8 for fuck off mate


  • g for grin
  • g2cu for good to see you
  • g2g or gtg for got to go
  • g2p or gtp for got to pee
  • g2r for got to run
  • g9 for genius
  • ga for go ahead
  • gal for get a life
  • gb for goodbye
  • gbu for God bless you
  • gd for good often repeated to be gdgd
  • gdr, gd&r or gd/r for grinning, ducking, and running
  • gf for get fucked
  • gf or g/f for girlfriend
  • gfi for go for it
  • gg no re for good game, no rematch
  • gg for gotta go or good game or good godly in some online games.
  • giar for give it a rest
  • gigo for garbage in, garbage out
  • gj for good job
  • gl for good luck
  • gl/hf for good luck, have fun
  • gmta for great minds think alike
  • gna for gonna or going to
  • goi for get over it
  • gol for giggling out loud
  • gr&d for grinning, running and ducking
  • gr8 for great
  • gt for good try or get
  • gtfo for get the fuck out!
  • gtg for got to go
  • gth for go to hell


  • h/o for hold on
  • h&k for hugs & kisses
  • h2cus for hope to see you soon
  • h8 for hate
  • hagn for have a good night
  • hago for have a good one
  • hags for have a good summer
  • hand for have a nice day
  • hf for have fun
  • hhis for head hanging in shame
  • hoas for hold on a second
  • hru for how are you?
  • hth for hope this helps
  • hv for have


  • iac for in any case
  • ianal for I am not a lawyer
  • ib for I'm back
  • ic for I see or in class
  • icbw for it could be worse
  • idawtc for I don't agree with that comment
  • idc for I don't care
  • idk for I don't know
  • idts for I don't think so
  • idunno for I don't know
  • ig2r for I got to run
  • iirc for if i remember/recall correctly
  • ilbl8 for I'll be late
  • ily or ilu for i love you
  • im for instant message
  • imao for in my arrogant opinion
  • imho for in my humble opinion
  • imnsho for in my not so humble opinion
  • imo for in my opinion
  • ims for I am sorry
  • inal for I'm not a lawyer
  • indtd for it's a nice day today
  • iow for in other words
  • ipo for international pile on
  • irl for in real life
  • irmc for I rest my case
  • iuss for if you say so
  • iykwim for if you know what I mean
  • iykyk for if you know, you know
  • iyo for in your opinion
  • iyss for if you say so


  • j00r for your
  • jac for just a sec
  • jb for just because
  • jic for just in case
  • jja for just joking around
  • jk for just kidding
  • jmo for just my opinion
  • jp for just playing
  • jpp for just playing player
  • jsun for just so you know
  • jtlyk for just to let you know


  • k for okay
  • kiss for keep it simple, stupid
  • kit for keep in touch
  • kk for okay, cool
  • kl for cool
  • kotc for kiss on the cheek
  • kotl for kiss on the lips
  • kwim for know what I mean?


  • l33t for elite
  • l8 for late
  • l8r for later
  • lbr for little boys room (bathroom - male)
  • ld for later, dude or long distance
  • lgp for let's get pissed
  • lgr for little girls room (bathroom - female)
  • lmao for laughing my ass off
  • lmaopop for laughing my ass off POP!
  • lmb for lick my balls
  • lmfao for laughing my fucking ass off
  • lmk for let me know
  • lol for laugh out loud or lots of love
  • lqtm for laughing quietly to myself
  • lsl for laughing so loud
  • ltm for laugh to myself
  • ltns for long time no see
  • lyk for like or let you know
  • lylas for love you like a sis


  • m8 for mate
  • mfi for mad for it
  • milf for mum I'd like to fuck
  • mmc for mayor mccheese
  • msg for message
  • mtf for more to follow
  • mtfbwu for may the force be with you
  • musm for miss you so much
  • myob for mind your own business


  • n for and (though often completely omitted)
  • n2u for new to you
  • n1 for nice one
  • nbd for no big deal
  • ne for any
  • ne1 for anyone
  • ni for not interested
  • nfm for none for me or not for me
  • nimby for not in my back yard
  • nlt for no later than
  • nm for nothing much
  • nmjc for nothing much, just chilling
  • np for no problem
  • no1 for no one
  • noyb for none of your business
  • np for no problem
  • nrn for no response necessary or no reply necessary
  • nt for nice try
  • ntu for new to you
  • nvm for never mind
  • nw for no worries or no way
  • nwo for no way out


  • omg for oh my god or oh my gosh or oh my goodness
  • offs for oh for fuck's sake
  • oic for oh, I see
  • omw for on my way
  • oo for over and out
  • ooh for out of here
  • ootd for one of these days
  • op for on phone
  • otb for off to bed
  • otl for out to lunch
  • otoh for on the other hand
  • ott for over the top
  • ottomh for off the top of my head
  • otw for off to work or on the way
  • ova for over
  • o for a hug as in xoxo
  • onr for on the run
  • ofgs for oh for goodness sake or for god's sake


  • p for pretty as in pretty much
  • pcm for please call me
  • pdq for pretty damn quick
  • plmk for please let me know
  • pls or plz for please
  • plu for portable love unit
  • pm for private message
  • pmfi for pardon me for interrupting
  • pmfji for pardon me for jumping in
  • pmsl for pissed myself laughing
  • poahf for put on a happy face
  • ppl for people
  • prob for probably
  • prolly for probably
  • prt for party
  • prw for people are watching or parents are watching
  • ptmm for please tell me more
  • pu for that stinks
  • pwn for own
  • pxt for please explain that


  • q for question or queue
  • qik for quick
  • qt for cutie


  • rofl burger for burger made from rofl sauce.
  • rofl cakes for dessert from rofl burger
  • roflcops for police helicopter in the Antarctica
  • rodl for rolling on door laughing
  • rofl for rolling on floor laughing
  • rotfl for rolling on the floor laughing
  • rotflol for rolling on the floor laughing out loud
  • rotfluts for rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak
  • roflmao for rolling on floor laughing my arse/ass off
  • rp for roleplay
  • rl for real life
  • rme for rolling my eyes
  • rmv for results may vary
  • rsn for real soon now
  • ruok for are you okay?


  • s icnr for sorry, I could not resist
  • s ig2r for sorry, I got to run
  • sab for smiling a bit
  • sal for such a laugh
  • say for smiling at you
  • sbtsbc for same bat-time, same bat-channel
  • sc for stay cool
  • sete for smiling ear-to-ear
  • sis for snickering in silence
  • sit for stay in touch
  • slap for sounds like a plan
  • slp for sleep
  • slpn for sleeping
  • smb for suck my balls
  • smhid for scratching my head in disbelief
  • snafu for situation normal all fouled up
  • so for significant other
  • sol for sooner or later, also shit outta luck
  • somy for sick of me yet?
  • sotmg for short of time, must go
  • soz or sry for sorry
  • spk for speak
  • spst for same place, same time
  • ss for so sorry
  • ssdd for same shit, different day
  • ssinf for so stupid, it's not funny
  • str8 for straight
  • stfu for shut the fuck up
  • stpoy for slap the piss outta you
  • stq for search the Web
  • suitm for see you in the morning
  • sul for see you later
  • sup for what's up?
  • syl for see you later
  • sxci for sexy


  • t+ for think positive
  • ta for thanks a lot
  • tafn for that's all for now
  • tam for tomorrow a.m.
  • tb for text back
  • tbd for to be determined
  • tbh for to be honest
  • tc for take care
  • tgif for thank God it's Friday
  • tht for top heavy tw@t
  • thnks fr th mmrs for thanks for the memories
  • thts for that is or that's
  • thx, thnx, thnq or ty for thanks or thank you
  • tia for thanks in advance
  • tiad for tomorrow is another day
  • til for today I learned
  • tlk2ul8r for talk to you later
  • tma for text message ads
  • tmb for text me back
  • tmi for too much information
  • tmot for trust me on this
  • tmr, tmz or tomoz for tomorrow
  • tmwfi for take my word for it
  • tnstaafl for there's no such thing as a free lunch
  • toy for thinking of you
  • tpm for tomorrow p.m.
  • tptb for the powers that be
  • tq for thank you
  • tstb for the sooner, the better
  • ttfn for ta ta for now
  • ttly for totally
  • ttml for talk to me later
  • tttt for these things take time
  • ttyl or ttul for talk to you later
  • ttys for talk to you soon
  • tu or ty for thank you
  • txt - text
  • txtm8 for textmate
  • tym for time
  • tyt for take your time
  • tyvm for thank you very much
  • tfpi for thanks for popping in


  • ugtbk for you've got to be kidding
  • uktr for you know that's right
  • ul for upload
  • uv for unpleasant visual
  • uw for you're welcome


  • v for very
  • vf for very funny
  • vms for very much so
  • vmsi for very much so indeed


  • w/ or w for with
  • w/e for weekend or whatever
  • w/i for within
  • w/o for without
  • wam for wait a minute
  • wan2tlk for want to talk
  • wat for what
  • wayf for where are you from?
  • wb for welcome back or write back
  • wb2my for write back to my
  • wdywtta for what do you want to talk about?
  • wg for well good
  • whteva or woteva for whatever
  • wiifm for what's in it for me?
  • wk for work or week
  • wkd for wicked or weekend
  • wombat for waste of money, brains and time
  • wrk for work
  • wrud for what are you doing?
  • wt or wut for what
  • wtb for want to buy
  • wtf for what the fuck
  • wtg for way to go
  • wth for what the hell or what the heck
  • wts for want to sell
  • wubu2 for what you been up to?
  • wuu2 for what are you up to?
  • wu? for what's up?
  • wubu2? for what have you been up to?
  • wuciwug or wysiwyg for what you see is what you get
  • wuf? for where are you from?
  • wuwh for wish you were here
  • wwyc for write when you can
  • wylei for when you least expect it
  • wat for what




  • ya for your or yeah
  • ybs for you'll be sorry
  • ygbkm for you've got to be kidding me
  • yh for yeah
  • ykwycd for you know what you can do
  • ymmv for your mileage may vary
  • yr for your
  • yw for you're welcome
  • ypos for you piece of shit
  • yboc for you bunch of cunts


  • zzz for bored or sleeping

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