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From text +‎ speak.



textspeak ‎(plural textspeaks)

  1. (informal) Any of a number of different measures of abbreviation used to shorten the length of text messages, such as eliding vowels, forgoing the use of punctuation, representing “you” and “your” as “u” and “ur”, using “da” (or, rarely “t’”) in place of “the”, and so on. “Textspeak” is often abbreviated to “txtspk” for that very motive, or for humorous, self-referential effect.
    • 2012 June 4, Lewis Smith, “Queen's English Society says enuf is enough, innit?”[1], the Guardian:
      For 40 years the society has championed good English – and hasn't been above the occasional criticism of the Queen's own standards of English – but it has finally conceded it cannot survive in the era of textspeak and Twitter.


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