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From Spanish araucanización, from Araucanía. Equivalent to Araucania +‎ -ization.


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Araucanization (uncountable)

  1. The process of expansion of the Mapudungun language and other elements of the Mapuche culture from its homeland Araucania into the plains of Patagonia, so as to assimilate such other native Amerindian peoples as the Puelches and Tehuelches.
    The Araucanization of the minor Patagonian tribes throughout the colonial era would only be ended by the similar cultural imperialism of the Hispanophones which swept over the Mapuche as well after the 19th century Argentinian and Chilean independence.

Usage notes[edit]

Terms derived from Araucania and Araucanian are considered offensive by the Mapuche, as these terms have been used derogatorily towards them; they prefer the (rare) term Mapuchization.

Related terms[edit]