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The first element is cognate to the first element of Ásatrú, and derives from Old Norse or Icelandic áss (god). The second element is folk.


Asafolk pl (plural only)

  1. (uncommon) The Æsir.
    • 1882, James Baldwin, Stories from the Northern Myths, in St. Nicholas, volume 9, page 879:
      BALDER, the god of the summer, was Odin's son, and he was the brightest and best of all the Asafolk.
    • 1904, James Baldwin, Hero Tales:
      "And I spare your life on one condition only,—that you go at once from hence, and nevermore presume to come into the company of Asafolk."
      "I promise all that you ask," said Loki, trembling more than ever. "Let me go."
      Thor stepped aside; []
  2. (uncommon, modern Germanic paganism) Followers of Heathenry.
    • 1996, Lina, Ostara, volume 1, issue 4 (Heathen Journal), An Open Message to All Asafolk:
      All Asatru organizations, publications, independent kindreds, and just plain Asafolk are asked to take part.
    • 1997, Lina, volume 2, issue 4 (Heathen Journal), Second Annual Yggdrasil Day (Charles Spratling):
      Gamlinginn claims pines have spiritual significance for Asafolk.
    • 1998, Lina, volume 4, issue 2 (Heathen Journal), News and Announcements (Dave Haxton):
      Most Asafolk seem to have the attitude 'I found the gods, and I'm better off for it.'