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BDS +‎ -er


BDSer (plural BDSers)

  1. A proponent of the BDS movement
    • 2012, dsharavi, Manipulation and Deception: The Anti-Israel "BDS" Campaign (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Group: soc.culture.israel
      [] of the mythic fantasies promoted by the BDSers.
    • 2014, Gerald Bostock, Re: oxfam e Scarlet Group:
      First of all, the SodaStream plant is in Area C, which is controlled by Israel pursuant to the Oslo Accords. Second of all, the ... The BDSers see Johansson as a great target.
    • 2014, Daniel S, Netanyahu: PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY MUST 'STAND ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY' Group: soc.culture.jewish
      The bds's whine about AIPAC, but only 4 Americans showed up yesterday to protest the American lobby. The bds'ers like their anonymity []
    • 2013, dshravi, Re: The Making of an Immoral Decision Group: soc.culture.jewish
      Very few, if any, of these BDSers want to change the situation of the palestinians.
    • 2013, Maia Hallaward, Transnational Activism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
      An opponent of divestment also noted the potential impact of even a symbolic divestment victory, stating that the BDSer's. []