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BMT (countable and uncountable, plural BMTs)

  1. (Singapore) Initialism of basic military training, which includes physical training, where Singaporean males will learn basic skills of a soldier.
    • 2015 October 14, The Straits Times (Singapore):
      During the two-hour visit, Mr Ong was briefed by commanders on the BMT curriculum and observed recruits undergoing physical training and using tablets to learn how to strip and assemble their weapons.
    • 2014 July 27, The Straits Times (Singapore):
      At the start of BMT, he could manage just two chin-ups; at the end, he was doing more than 20. “My body has toned up a lot,” he says.
    • 2013 May 28, The Straits Times (Singapore):
      Bearing arms to defend the country is the primary goal of NS, and that should remain so by sending all recruits for BMT.
    • 2011 March 25, The New Paper (Singapore):
      Two years ago, Phua Shi Hao, 20, spent about $50 preparing for BMT on some of the smaller items at the army market.
    • 2009 March 9, The New Paper (Singapore):
      “He was a good pal in BMT, and very hardworking and promising”.
  2. (medicine) Initialism of bone marrow transplant or bone marrow transplantation.
    • 2005, Donald Hall, The Best Day the Worst Day: Life with Jane Kenyon, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, →ISBN, page 102:
      We knew: People die during the first hundred days of a BMT. Although we would fly to Seattle together, a month later I might bring Jane home in a box—after the new marrow failed to engraft; after an unstoppable infection with no immune system; after liver failure when the new marrow attacked its stranger-body.

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  1. Initialism of Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation.

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