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Alternative forms[edit]


From Hebrew בעל‎ directly, rather than via Latin as with Latin Baal.

Proper noun[edit]

Baʿal (plural Baʿals or Baʿalim)

  1. Alternative spelling of Baal, showing its original pharyngeal consonant.
    • 2013, Dragoş Giulea, Pre-Nicene Christology in Paschal Contexts, →ISBN:
      By the same token, in the cycle of Baʿal, it is a matter of worship that actually generates the divine confrontation. The event which triggers the clash between Baʿal and Yam (the Sea god), appears to be Yam's command over the other gods and their disobedience to Baʿal.
    • 2015, Eric Orlin, Routledge Encyclopedia of Ancient Mediterranean Religions, →ISBN, page 119:
      More carnally, on his way to face Mot, Baʿal mates with a cow, engendering bull offspring.
    • 2016, John L. McLaughlin, What are They Saying about Ancient Israelite Religion?, →ISBN:
      Elijah's total opposition to Baʿal had limited immediate effect. Although the people on Carmel declared that Yahweh was god and killed the 450 prophets of Baʿal (1 Kgs 18:39-40), Ahab's son Ahaziah worshiped Baʿal and consulted Baʿal-zebub (1 Kgs 22:53; 2 Kgs 1:2-16).