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Alternative forms[edit]


1951, translation of Ukrainian банде́рівець (bandérivecʹ), formed with -ite, from the surname of w:Stepan Bandera (Степа́н Банде́ра, 1909–1959), a leader of revolutionary OUN-B faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. Compare Russian банде́ровец (bandɛ́rovec).


Banderite (plural Banderites)

  1. A member of, or one who subscribes to the ideas of, the political movement of Stepan Bandera; more generally, a nationalist Ukrainian.
    • 2004, Evgenii D. Moniushko, David M. Glantz, From Leningrad to Hungary: Notes of a Red Army Soldier, 1941-1946, page 92.
      Shooting could not be avoided both times when we took into custody suspicious persons who turned out to be Banderites.



Banderite (comparative more Banderite, superlative most Banderite)

  1. Of or related to Stepan Bandera or his political movement.


Usage notes[edit]

Although the term is usually neutral in academic English, it is sometimes derogatory, especially in the context of the Soviet Union, Russia, or Eastern Ukraine.


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