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Bavaria +‎ -ese.



  1. (obsolete, rare) Bavarian.
    • 1845, Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, Or, Universal Dictionary of Knowledge:
      [...] the petty districts depending on Oldenburgh, and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and by the Bavarese Circle of the Rhine; and on the West by the Dutch Monarchy and the Kingdom of Belgium.
    • 1846, The New Monthly Magazine, edited by W. Harrison Ainsworth, Review of the Book of Costume, page 249:
      (By-the-bye, how is it that the brazen helmet of a Bavarese maiden is omitted?)


Bavarese pl (plural only)

  1. (obsolete, rare) Bavarians collectively.
    • 1861, The Foreign Quarterly Review, volume 75, page 553:
      The picture of devastated Palermo which he draws fills up the measure of the dastardly oppression which has now passed away; more disgraceful excesses than those committed by the Bavarese, as the Sicilians called the royal troops, were [...]