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Beamon +‎ -esque, after American athlete Bob Beamon (born 1946), who spectacularly broke the long jump world record by nearly two feet in 1968.


Beamonesque ‎(comparative more Beamonesque, superlative most Beamonesque)

  1. (of a sporting achievement) spectacular; remarkable
    • 1997, David McComb, World History: 1500 To the Present (page 230)
      Daland believes these walking chemistry experiments have forever tarnished the truly remarkable performance, that every Beamonesque achievement from now on will be suspected of being pharmaceutically accomplished []
    • 2006, Paul McMullen, Amazing Pace (page 36)
      Because his body and mind had found peace, Crocker was able to deliver an effort in Barcelona that was truly Beamonesque []
    • 2011, Curt Smith, A Talk in the Park
      The idea [] was to get to the top [of the stairs] in the fewest strides. Ripken could do it in six strides, which was positively Bob Beamonesque.