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Beamon +‎ -esque, after American athlete Bob Beamon (born 1946), who spectacularly broke the long jump world record by nearly two feet in 1968.


Beamonesque (comparative more Beamonesque, superlative most Beamonesque)

  1. (of a sporting achievement) spectacular; remarkable
    • 1997, David McComb, World History: 1500 To the Present, page 230:
      Daland believes these walking chemistry experiments have forever tarnished the truly remarkable performance, that every Beamonesque achievement from now on will be suspected of being pharmaceutically accomplished []
    • 2006, Paul McMullen, Amazing Pace, page 36:
      Because his body and mind had found peace, Crocker was able to deliver an effort in Barcelona that was truly Beamonesque []
    • 2011, Curt Smith, A Talk in the Park:
      The idea [] was to get to the top [of the stairs] in the fewest strides. Ripken could do it in six strides, which was positively Bob Beamonesque.