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Alternative forms[edit]


long jump (plural long jumps)

  1. An athletics field event where competitors attempt to jump as far as possible, after taking a run-up; a jump such as one performed in such an event.


Related terms[edit]



long jump (third-person singular simple present long jumps, present participle long jumping, simple past and past participle long jumped)

  1. To perform a long jump; to compete in the long jump event.
    • 2005, Michelle Kimberly, Reflections of a Tomboy Turned Princess, page 31,
      Then again, if it hadn't been for that unattractive yearbook picture, I wouldn't have realized how crazy I looked long jumping and thus I would not have improved my technique.
    • 2008, Louise Mead Tricard, American Women's Track and Field, 1981-2000: A History, page 64,
      I was long jumping and totally turned my ankle over and almost broke it.
    • 2012, Gloria Rosenthal, James A. Rosenthal, Statistics and Data Interpretation for Social Work, page 108,
      For instance, the highest marker in Figure 8.1 (located in the upper right corner) represents an individual who high jumped about 6.3 ft and long jumped slightly more than 20 ft.

Derived terms[edit]