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run +‎ up, from the verb phrase.


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run-up (plural run-ups)

  1. (cricket) The approach run of a bowler before delivering the ball
  2. The approach run of a high jumper or other athlete in order to gather speed or momentum
    • 2011 September 29, Tom Rostance, “Stoke 2 - 1 Besiktas”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      But he still saw his side produce a rousing display which owed much to their lauded prowess from set-pieces, despite Uefa regulations meaning the pitch had to be widened and, in the process, the run-up area for Delap's long throws reduced.
  3. (Britain) A period of time just before an important event.
    The candidates were very nervous in the run-up to the election.
  4. An increase in the value or amount of something
    Economists expect a run-up of long-term interest rates.