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Alternative forms[edit]


lead-up (plural lead-ups)

  1. An event, or sequence of events, that leads up to something.
    • 2000, Anne Marie Gulde, Juha Kähkönen, & Peter Keller, Pros and Cons of Currency Board Arrangements in the Lead-Up to EU Accession and Participation in the Euro Zone, →ISBN:
      While testing the stability of the exchange rate regime in the market is clearly important in the lead-up to adopting the euro, such a test is certainly possible in the context of a CBA: the current account position, the level of reserves, monetary aggregates, growth performance, and interest rates provide clear indications of whether exchange rates are at appropriate levels.
    • 2002, Peter Mora & David Place, “Stress Correlation Function Evolution in Lattice Solid Elasto-dynamic Models of Shear and Fracture Zones and Earthquake Prediction”, in Earthquake Processes:
      If the crust does behave as a CP system, stress correlation lengths should grow in the lead-up to large events through the action of small to moderate ruptures and drop sharply once a large event occurs.
    • 2013, Steve Webb, Corridors to Extinction and the Australian Megafauna, →ISBN, page 41:
      The Tertiary is the lead-up to the extinction event that will take centre stage in later chapters: the megafauna extinctions.

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