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From up- +‎ lead.


uplead (plural upleads)

  1. (telecommunications) The line or lines connecting the output of a transmitter to its antenna.
    • 1921, L. B. Turner, Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony:
      When the capacity at the top has been made so large compared with the effective capacity of the uplead that the current in the latter is sensibly uniform, the length of that current is sensibly the full height h of the uplead, which is the greatest available height with the given masts.
    • 1997, L.S. Grattan, Optical Fiber Sensor Technology: Devices and Technology, page 137:
      Effectively, the downlead and uplead for an individual sensor in the simple array becomes the downlead and uplead for a ladder in the subarray.
    • 2003, John Bray, The Communications Miracle: The Telecommunication Pioneers from Morse to the Information Superhighway:
      Imagine the feelings of a very young engineer when required to measure the impedance of this vast aerial system with a “tuned circuit substitution” measuring set which looked minute compared with the 12-ft-diameter aerial uplead, which required a gang to move i to the measuring set.

Related terms[edit]


uplead (third-person singular simple present upleads, present participle upleading, simple past and past participle upled)

  1. (transitive, rare) To lead upward.
    • 1775, Mr. Dyer, “The Ruins of Rome”, in A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes, volume 1:
      Inestimable good! who giv'st us Truth, Whose hand upleads to light, divinest Truth