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run up ‎(third-person singular simple present runs up, present participle running up, simple past ran up, past participle run up)

  1. To hasten to a destination.
    The dog ran up under the table to get his doggie-bowl.
    1. To erect hastily, as a building.
    2. (idiomatic) To make something, usually an item of clothing, very quickly.
      I'll run you up a skirt for tomorrow evening.
    3. (idiomatic) To bring a flag to the top of its flag pole.
      Stand quietly while the honor guard runs the flag up the pole.
    4. (cricket) of a bowler, to run, or walk up to the bowling crease in order to bowl a ball.
  2. To rise; to swell; to grow; to increase.
    Accounts of goods credited run up very fast.
    • Sir Walter Scott
      But these, having been untrimmed for many years, had run up into great bushes, or rather dwarf trees.
    1. (idiomatic) To accumulate a debt.
      He ran up over $5,000 in unpaid bills.
    2. (figuratively) To thrust up, as anything long and slender.
      The fence runs up along the edge of the pasture.

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run up ‎(plural run ups)

  1. (cricket) the action of running up; the area of the pitch used by the bowler to run up, the start of which he marks with a small marker

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