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From Latin spectaculum (a sight, show) + -ar



spectacular (comparative more spectacular, superlative most spectacular)

  1. Amazing or worthy of special notice
    The parachutists were spectacular.
  2. (dated) Related to, or having the character of, a spectacle or entertainment
    the merely spectacular
    • G. Hickes
      Spectacular sports.
    • 1910, August 21, “Andre Tridon”, in Europe Flirts with Argentina to Win Her Rich Trade[1]:
      Those apparently insignificant events which really make history are seldom featured in the press; the merely spectacular too frequently crowds the essential out of the public sheets.
  3. Relating to spectacles, or glasses for the eyes.

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spectacular (plural spectaculars)

  1. A spectacular display.
    • 2010, "Under the volcano", The Economist, 16 Oct 2010:
      Though business has more or less held up so far, a series of drug-related spectaculars sparked an exodus of the city's upper class this summer.