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A Bengal tiger


Bengal tiger (plural Bengal tigers)

  1. Any tiger of a specific, fragmented population of the subspecies Panthera tigris tigris in the Indian subcontinent.
    Synonym: royal Bengal tiger
    • 2011, Devidas K. Belsare, Vanishing Roar of Bengal Tigers, RoseDog Books, page ix,
      Bengal tiger is considered sacred by Hindus and the antipodes (so-called no-caste tribes) living in the forests of India. [] In addition to this, the health of forests is determined by the presence of Bengal tigers.
    • 2012, Colleen A. Sexton, The Bengal Tiger, Bellwether Media, page 18,
      Bengal tigers are endangered animals. Their numbers have been dropping for more than a century. In the early 1900s, about 40,000 Bengal tigers lived in India. Today, that number stands at around 1,400. About 400 more Bengal tigers live in nearby countries.

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Between 1911 and 2017, the definition of P. tigris tigris was restricted geographically so as to correspond exactly to that of the Bengal tiger. In 2017, it was expanded to include several other populations.

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