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sub- +‎ continent


subcontinent (plural subcontinents)

  1. A large landmass which is either smaller than a continent (such as Greenland), or part of an even larger continent (such as the Indian subcontinent).

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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (usually with "the") South Asia. Ellipsis of Indian subcontinent
    • 2006, Ilhan Niaz, An Inquiry into the Culture of Power of the Subcontinent, page 290:
      The Turks had acquired the culture of power of Persia and implemented its political and administrative traditions in the subcontinent.
    • 2009 March 8, Jamie Jackson, “Dubai stands by to host Test cricket”, in The Guardian[1]:
      The terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team in Lahore could lead to Dubai and Abu Dhabi becoming the "home" venues for the subcontinent’s cricket-playing countries for the forseeable future, according to leading officials in England and worldwide.
    • 2010 February 26, Jolyon Attwooll, “Coming up: What's on the world of travel”, in Daily Telegraph[2]:
      Highlights include a debate on east London architecture, quirky performances staged at the Barbican, music and dance from the subcontinent, and the East Commonwealth Games in Spitalfields Market, with events ranging from bicycle polo to kabaddi (a cross between tag and wrestling).

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