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Bilbao +‎ -an


Bilbaoan (not comparable)

  1. From Bilbao or otherwise related to the city of Bilbao.
    • 1984, Dorothy Legarreta, The Guernica generation: Basque refugee children of the Spanish Civil War
      Arana, the son of a major Bilbaoan shipbuilder, set out to revitalize a flagging Basque consciousness. One of his major concerns was the restoration of the Basque language, Euskera, which had fallen to the status of a local patois
    • 1998, José C. Moya, Cousins and strangers: Spanish immigrants in Buenos Aires, 1850-1930
      Antonio's good grammar and mathematical skills landed him a job in the store of an old Bilbaoan friend of his uncle two blocks from the latter's residence.



Bilbaoan (plural Bilbaoans)

  1. Someone from Bilbao
    • 1989, Barbara Rosen, Arriaga the Forgotten Genius: The Short Life of a Basque Composer.
      During the French occupation, Bilbaoans were likely to have been exposed to some French culture and influence.
    • 2007, William A. Douglass and Joseba Zulaika, Basque culture: anthropological perspectives
      Only about 10 percent of Bilbaoans speak Euskara, as compared with 35 to 40 percent of the inhabitants of Donostia. Such a contradiction is at the very core of both the difficulties and the dynamism of the Basque Country.