Bim, BEM, Bum

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Comic book cover showing a man in a spacesuit shooting a monster, as the monster grabs a woman in a spacesuit with its tentacles
Bim, BEM, Bum


Clipping of bimbo + BEM (Bug-Eyed Monster) + bum (incompetent man). From a typical composition for the cover art of science fiction pulp magazines such as Thrilling Wonder Stories, notably by artists such as Earle K. Bergey and Rudolph Belarski, featuring a woman (the "Bim") being attacked or threatened by a monster (the "BEM"), while a man (the "Bum") protects her and/or attacks the monster.


Bim, BEM, Bum

  1. (fandom slang, art) Retro art composition; composition stereotypical for the cover art of mid-20th-century science fiction pulp magazines.