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Birch +‎ -ist


Birchist (comparative more Birchist, superlative most Birchist)

  1. Of or relating to Birchism, ideas from or associated with the John Birch Society.
    • 1995, Sara Diamond, Roads to Dominion: Right-wing Movements and Political Power in the United States, page 56:
      In essence, the Birchist worldview allowed adherents to hold typically right-wing policy preferences simultaneous with the belief that the Society's opponents, including many bona fide conservatives, were secretly part of the “communist conspiracy.”


Birchist (plural Birchists)

  1. An adherent of Birchism, a supporter of the John Birch Society.
    • 1962, William Theodore Evjue, The Progressive, page 27:
      The Birchists (like the Marxists who have forgotten Marx) have fallen victim to the devil theory of history.
    • 1970, Gerald Schomp, Birchism was my Business, page 157:
      The liberal accuses the conservative of being a “Birchist,” an “extremist,” or an “ultra-rightist.” The conservative, alarmed at being skewered and roasted as an irresponsible fascist, strikes back by citing his family’s war record against the Nazis