Brigitte Bardot

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After French fashion model and actress Brigitte Bardot (1934–).
Sense 2 inspired by Bardot′s popular nickname, BB.



Brigitte Bardot (plural Brigitte Bardots)

  1. Someone or something very beautiful or desirable.
    • 1974, The Spectator, volume 232, part 1, page 51:
      I can claim no such dedication to duty since Christmas was passed way up the French Alps in a place where Brigitte Bardots are two-a-penny but horses a rarity.
    • 1980, Thomas N. Gladwin; Ingo Walter, Multinationals Under Fire: Lessons in the Management of Conflict, page 268:
      [] performance swelled French national pride and excited the fancy of stock market speculators — it became “the Brigitte Bardot of French industry.”
    • 1994, J. I. Packer, A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life, page 268:
      ...who, in discussing the Puritan position, declared: ‘I want a Brigitte Bardot who can lead a Bible class’
    • 2009, Christina Palassio; Alana Wilcox, quoting Andrew Braithwaite, Toronto, je t'aime!, quoted in The Edible City: Toronto's Food from Farm to Fork, page unnumbered:
      Paris is the greatest food city in the world – the Rolls Royce, the Château d'Yquem, the Brigitte Bardot of gastronomic capitals.
  2. (Australia, finance, informal) A back-to-back loan.
    • 1992 March 3, Michael Rozenes, “Prosecuting Regulatory Offenders”, in parliamentary debates[1]:
      These practices included back to back loans (in some quarters colloquially termed Brigitte Bardot′s from the initials B.B.), [] .
    • 1995, The Bulletin, number 5953-5959, page 77:
      This is a back-to-back loan, sometimes called BBs or Brigitte Bardots.