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Blend of bro +‎ robot.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (science fiction) A name given to a robot that emulates a brother.
    • 2003, John A. Davis, Jimmy Neutron, Tokyopop (→ISBN)
      -butter pats for Dad , and lug nuts for Brobot- Thanks Kumquat! Thanks. Mom! Oh look. Brobot, it's your brother! Hey, Jimmy. You're naked. In the tub!
    • 2007, Super Paper Mario (Wii)
      The gravitational laws of space allow Brobot's potential to be fully realized!
    • 2020, Martha Brockenbrough, Samantha Berger, Bigfoot Wants a Little Brother, Scholastic Inc. (→ISBN)
      Martha Brockenbrough, Samantha Berger. Brobot did not sputter , cough , wheeze , or SPLORK ! He beep - bloop - bweedle - eedle - eeped ! BROBOT WAS ALIVE ! " I have a brother ! A ROBOT BROTHER !
    • 2020, Nicola O’Brien, Heather Catchpole, Ready, Set, Code!: Coding Activities for Kids, CSIRO PUBLISHING (→ISBN), page 23:
      This will give you a good insight into personality too, as Brobot's code is written to hassle its users and act just like a 'bro'.