Brussels sprout

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Alternative forms[edit]


Brussels sprouts

Recorded since 1748. Named after Brussels, the capital city of the duchy of Brabant and presently of Belgium. Sprout is from Old English -sprutan (in asprutan (to sprout); cognate with Old Saxon sprutan, Old Frisian spruta, Middle Dutch spruten, modern Dutch spruit (sprout; Brussels sprout), Old High German spriozan, German sprießen (to sprout), from Proto-Germanic *spreutaną, from Proto-Indo-European *sper- (to strew).


Brussels sprout (plural Brussels sprouts)

  1. The green vegetable Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera, a cabbage variety native to Belgium.
    Brussels sprouts reach a length of 4 centimeters and resemble clusters of miniature cabbages.


Usage notes[edit]

  • rarely used in the singular.