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Probably from buffalo (Bison bison), since both cities are in regions that had wild herds at the time the names originated. Buffalo, New York was named after the Buffalo River, which an alternative etymology says is from French beau fleuve (beautiful) river}}, but the more likely explanation is that it was named for the animal.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A city in New York State, very near Niagara Falls, and the county seat of Erie County.
  2. A city in Minnesota, and the county seat of Wright County.
  3. A city in Missouri, and the county seat of Dallas County.
  4. A town in Oklahoma, and the county seat of Harper County.
  5. A town in South Dakota, and the county seat of Harding County.
  6. A city in Wyoming, and the county seat of Johnson County.


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Proper noun[edit]

Buffalo f

  1. Alternative spelling of Búfalo


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Proper noun[edit]

Buffalo ?

  1. Buffalo (a city in New York State)