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Rowers handling oars with orange CLAMs located on the green sleeves.

Alternative forms[edit]



CLAM (plural CLAMs)

  1. (rowing) Acronym of Clip-on Load Adjusting Mechanism. A device that can be fitted onto an oar to adjust set.
    • 1995, Larry Gluckman, Rowing News, The Independent Rowing News Inc., page 3:
      The CLAM can be 'clipped on' by the rower with little difficulty, so the load can be changed between alternating headwind–tailwind pieces.
    • 2014, Daniela Gomes da Costa, Yihuan Chang, eds., Learn to Row, Fédération internationale des sociétés d'aviron, page 28:
      Use a clam to make a quick or temporary change to the inboard/outboard...The clam sits against the outer face of the collar.